Swirling Currents, Now Available!

Listen to Mindy Todd and Sandy MacFarlane discuss her new book, "Swirling Currents", on Cape & Islands NPR's The Point

Sandra Macfarlane,
Coastal Resource Specialists, Owner and Program Development Director


Over 35 years experience in coastal resource management, shellfish aquaculture and community shellfish restoration. Specializing in Best Management Practices for shellfish aquaculture and shellfish restoration, sustainability, and related industry practices. Watershed and estuary resource plans, fostering community action programs and public education of interaction between land use and marine resources.

Author of three books, "Rowing Forward, Looking Back", that chronicles the effects of coastal development on estuaries and the shellfish that live there and "Tiggie: the Lure and Lore of Commercial Fishing in New England", a biography of a fisherman combining his personal stories - a "Deadliest Catch"-type real deal of fishing - and extensive conversations we had.

Swirling Currents:Controversy, Compromise, and Dynamic Coastal Change, her third book set for release on August 4th 2018, examines our historical and current relationship with marine resources on Cape Cod; marine mammals and endangered species, fisheries and shellfish, and habitats.

Principal author of peer-reviewed publications and reports; presented work at over 100 national and international venues including invited keynote speaker.

Specialties:Shellfish, aquaculture, best management practices, sustainability, community resource management and planning and fostering community action programs. Workshop facilitator.


Projects included developing best management practices for shellfish aquaculture and restoration; determine bay scallop harvest trends and proposals for public restoration efforts; determine alternative strategies for dock and pier projects in public waters.

Author of two books: Rowing Forward, Looking Back and Tiggie: the Lure and Lore of Commercial Fishing in New England (Bronze Medal winner for best regional nonfiction (2009) from Independent Book Publishers Awards). See website www.rowingforward.com for reviews of books.

Writing focus to educate general public on marine/human interactions through books, media articles, presentations.